Q&A: library facilities

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Can non-members use the library facilities?

Yes. Even if you are not a library member, you are more than welcome to enjoy the facilities in our library! Some facilities are free, for others a small fee is asked. You can consult the materials (free on location). You can copy or print documents, use our Wi-Fi network, use a PC with internet access, etc. For most facilities a membership card is required. The cheapest membership card is a ‘budget pass’, which can be obtained for the price of € 2.50.

If you want to borrow materials to take home with you regularly, you will have to get an annual membership.

How do I pay for my membership and other things?

De Bibliotheek Arnhem is a cashless library. This means you will have to make all your payments with your library card and a Dutch bank account card at our pin station. Credit cards, or bank account cards from foreign banks are not accepted.

Our colleagues are happy to help you!

Can I get internet access in the library?

Yes, you can get internet access in the library. When you bring your own device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) you can use our free Wi-Fi network.

Do you want to use one of our computers? If you are a member, you can log on for free with you membership number (you can find it on you library card) and password (date of birth DDMM).

You are not a member? Then you will need a budget pass, which you can buy for € 2.50. When you use a budget pass you will have to pay a fee for using the computer/internet. Ask our employees in the library for more information.

How can I print a document in the library?

Printing is possible for a small fee. You can print from our computers, but you can also print from your own smartphone, tablet or laptop via our Wi-Fi network. More information about Wi-Fi printing on this page.

How can I print via Wi-Fi?
Isn’t that easy! It is now possible to print via Wi-Fi in all our branches.In the library at Rozet, Presikhaaf and Kronenburg it is now possible to print directly from your own laptop, via our Wi-Fi network.

How does it work?

  • Access our public Wi-Fi network from your laptop. In your internet browser you will  have to accept our ‘gebruiksvoorwaarden’ (terms of use)
  • Open wifiprint.bibliotheekarnhem.nl in your browser (this page is in Dutch)
  • Enter your membership number and password (this is your date of birth: DDMM)
  • Select the document, photo, website or e-mail(appendix) that you want to printChoose colour or black-and-white
  • Scan your library card at the copier to start printing

    Beware: You will need to have a sufficient deposit on your library card to be able to print. To put a deposit on your library card you will need a Dutch bank account card (credit cards or bank account cards from foreign banks are not accepted).