Choose your membership

Whether you read a lot or not, or are more interested in watching dvd’s… we have a suitable membership for everyone. On this page you will find more information about all our different memberships. Have you made a choice? Come to the library and we will help you to get the membership of your choice.

  • Adults can choose between a 'basis- or compleetabonnement': see the benefits and differences below
  • Children till (0-17 years old) can get a free membership.
  • Are you a student or do you have a Gelrepas? See below for more information.


Compleet all-in-one membership: € 70,- per year Basis membership: € 48,- per year
No. of materials you can borrow 20 10
Loan period + renewals 8 weeks + 1x 8 weeks 4 weeks + 1x 4 weeks
Loan period + renewals for toptitles, dvd's / blu-rays 4 weeks + 1x 4 weeks 4 weeks + 1x 4 weeks
Loan money free € 1,50
Fines per item, per day no fines € 0,20
Reservation free € 0,50
Online courses from the libary 2 per year for free 2 per year for free
Computer/ internet use free free
Member discount for activities yes yes
€ 70,00 per year € 48,00 per year

Are you an incidental borrower?
Beside our Basis- and Compleetabonnement we have a Budget pass. This pass materials for a period of 4 weeks. If you renew the loan period, you again pay € 1.50. You pay extra for borrowing ‘toptitels’ and audio visual media (see tariffs above). For reservations you pay € 0.50 and using computer/internet costs € 0.50 per 10 minutes. It is not possible to borrow materials at other libraries or ebooks with a Budget pass.

Do you want to become a member?
Come to the library and we will help you to get the membership of your choice. New members have to show identification when taking out their library member card at the information desk in the library.

Do you want to end or change you membership?
You can do this by phone, in one of our branches or via this form (Dutch).
In our terms of use  (in Dutch) you will find our other house rules and the rules and regulations regarding membership, the library card, membership fees, loan periods, damage to materials and handling of complaints.

Students & Gelrepas
People aged 18-24 years and people who have a Gelrepas can become members at an attractive discount.

Are you 18 to 24 year old?
If you are between 18 and 24 years old, you can become a member with a considerable discount. You pay only €16,00 for our Basisabonnement and €38,00 for our all-in-one Compleetabonnement.

If you can show a Gelrepas and hand in coupon 2 from the accompanying booklet, you get a 50% discount on a basis- or compleetabonnement from de Bibliotheek Arnhem. Go to one of our branches and show your ID and your Gelrepas and hand in coupon 2. Don’t forget to bring these items!